We are certified real estate agents with the most efficient sales techniques. We have extensive experience in real estate transactions, our activities are insured against civil liability

We work closely with the leading real estate agencies and highly qualified specialists to achieve the maximum effect from each transaction.

We will help you find the most suitable buyer for your:

  • apartment
  • private house
  • commercial property
  • land plot
  • house property

What we do?

Our main task as professional agents is to create maximum demand for your property and sell it at the highest possible price.

However, in order to achieve the desired result, we must first:

  • We prepare a marketing plan for property promotion in the market,
  • We identify the most important advantages of the apartment and the precise target audience,
  • We make a high-quality photo session,
  • We submit weekly reports on the progress of your property in the market,
  • We create a feeling of falling in love with the property in customers. We work with each buyer as the only one,
  • We work with the customer's reasoning, we convince that this offer is currently the best in the market,
  • We accept real, written price offers from customers,
  • We organise open days,
  • We make outgoing messages for both active and less active customers from databases,
  • Public advertising (, city24,, domimaps,, fb, instagram),
  • When making presentations, we tactically plan presentations for one day to create a greater sense of deficit for customers,
  • We close the deal, organise lawyers, notaries and take care of your safety.

Owner, do you want to sell your property profitably and on time?

If so, give us a call. We have motivated buyers and we know how to sell!

Phone +371 28318333

Since 2014, CODO REAL as a real estate agency offers for its CLIENTS the highest quality property offers and to the OWNERS the most profitable deals.