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Not only a dwelling, but a life style

We will jointly find out the important property criteria for you in terms of location and infrastructure - shops, transport, gyms, kindergartens, and schools, as well as other convenience factors that are important to you.

For easier and faster decision-making, we will plan several inspections per day, for comparison and more convenient choice, we will prepare an inspection report where to make notes for analysis of the site.

While taking care of you and the security of the transaction, we will provide full-spectrum legal support, as well as consultations on financing and tax issues.

We carefully go into details of your wishes, optimally evaluate the options in order to find the best real estate offers.

We provide valuable consultations on potential advantages or disadvantages.

We are able to provide broad range of offers from locked and public data bases, agents, owners as well as developers.

Advantages for customers

Security - when working with low-skilled specialists or doing it by yourself, there are various risks - you can lose money on such simple things like the pre-emptive rights, poorly prepared contracts and other legal, tax or sales nuances;

Saving time and money - when using our experience, we will find the best market offers today and provide useful advice. Do not lose your time by trying to become experts of the industry.

Market knowledge - we get acquainted with tens of new sites on a daily basis, which provide us voluminous knowledge on the real estate market in Latvia. That enables us to precisely assess each new real estate and find the best solutions for our customers that would result in successful transactions;

Codo Real - Trusted and safe partner in the field of real estate that will help you to protect your assets.

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Latest offers

Wonderful family house near the city.
Private house
295 000 €

Salaspils pag., Meža Ķiršu iela 8, Latvia

Area: 299.0 m2

Rooms: 7

Floors: 2

Beautiful property is for sale on the outskirts of Riga
Private house
355 000 €

Stopiņu pag., Dreiliņi, Ainavu iela 7, Latvia

Area: 293.0 m2

Rooms: 5

Floors: 2

245 500 €

Centrs, Šarlotes iela 6, Latvia

Area: 109.0 m2

Rooms: 4

Floor: 5. from 5.